About MCS

Jewelry, gems, charms and chains for witchy vibes and earthy connections. Created in the image of humanity. See and be free from fast fashion ☠


My Creaky Stairs is for witchy vibes, earthly connections, and anti-fast fashion. It was born from a desire to create in the image of humanity, earth, and spirituality, not religion. Pieces started coming together out of my maudlin obsession with the Day of the Dead, American pop art, and beautiful things that come from the earth and the female psyche. I love Halloween with its symbolic and literal ability to transform, disguise, and open our minds to the "other side". I love witches, and the power they embody by tapping into the intuition, power, and love inside each of us.


My Creaky Stairs was created by me, Natalie McGlocklin, and is based in Fullerton, California. I wish to create edgy, sometimes extreme pieces that are still wearable and beautiful. All bracelets are created to order so that I can offer the perfect size for each customer, as I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find a well-fitting bracelet when they only come in one standard size. Quality metal parts and gemstones are the priority, and many items are tarnish resistant, when available. A lot of pieces are made from extremely durable stainless steel. Custom manufacturing is done in the good ol' USA.


I am currently a one woman shop, doing all parts of the business from designing, sourcing, creating, inventory, marketing, photography, and even paying taxes like a good citizen. Although this business is currently only partially what I do, I hope to some day expand and grow. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something here that speaks to you.